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Dust Bunnies Unite!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Whew! Finally!

The kids are all in bed for their naps and if I’m fortunate, I have a couple of hours to myself. I put my feet up, grab my book, and sip my hot cup of tea. Imagine! A HOT cup of tea!

I survey the chaos around me - dirty dishes, toys, and clothes cluttered across the room. A list of “I should…” rolls through my mind and sometimes it’s hard not to feel discouraged! I see the dust in the corners and the crumbs on the table…

Then a ‘still small voice’ inside my head reminds me of a day when my house was always neat and tidy and everything was in its place - but I was alone. I prayed for a husband and family to fill my life with joy and laughter.

Now, I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, a crazy dog, and a house with that ‘lived in’ decor. Our life is casual. Friends drop in. We are all healthy and most of the time, happy.

Yes, I remind myself, life is good. And, I think it’s a good swap - cleanliness for happiness.

A clean house doesn’t mean that much to me, really. After all, I reason, the kids are only young for a short time. Some day they will be grown and gone and the house will be clean once more.

I will relax and enjoy the chaos. The dust bunnies will still be here!


This was written when I was a young mom with three children under the age of 3.

Now my children are adults and one has gone to wait for me in heaven. The house is a little tidier and there isn’t as much chaos. I still grumble when I pick up dirty dishes or dirty socks from the living room floor but I know someday the house will be clean but I will be alone. So I still embrace the chaos and take JOY in my family and all the blessings they bring to my life. And yes, the dust bunnies are still here!

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