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My Story...

I've been married to my husband Dan for over 35 years. We met in our early twenties at a Christian Missionary Conference. He is a carpenter and I am a Registered Nurse. We started our family with a beautiful baby girl and in less than two years we added twin boys. 

Within the next few years we were blindsided by the diagnosis of a cancerous brain tumor in one of our sons, shortly after both boys were diagnosed with autism. 

Our son survived his brain cancer (twice!) but went on to have numerous other significant medical issues over the years. He remained non-verbal as well and required constant care until his death.

I am a writer who understands the struggles, fears, and grief of raising special needs kids and grieving the loss of a child. 

My stories of everyday life share a message of hope through a Christian faith perspective by a mom who has 'been there'.    


In The News...


Moose Jaw Today - March 30, 2024

Jason G. Antonio

"Author uses death of mom and son to create new grief-focused devotional journal."

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