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Kathleen Knapp

Author & Speaker


~ Griefshare Facilitator

~ Bible Study Leader

~ Women's Ministry Leader

~ Palliative Care Nurse

Audience Benefit:

~ Practical Tools to Manage Grief

~ Tips on Surviving Social Situations

~ A Message of Hope for Hurting Hearts

~ 5 Day Devotional (PDF)

Finding Hope in Grief & Loss

Regardless of the kind of loss you've suffered, God desires to comfort you with hope and healing as you navigate your journey of grief.


Kathleen has compassion for people who are grieving, feeling isolated, and losing faith in God. She has been there. Kathleen comes alongside those who are grieving as they navigate a journey of finding hope and healing in Christ. 


Through relatable Bible verses and personal stories, she encourages you to hope and believe again as you navigate your grief with Jesus. We never get over grief, but we learn how to carry it.


As a Palliative Care nurse and mom with special needs children, Kathleen's experienced life's joys and sorrows including the death of her son and mother. She and her husband have 3 adult children: A married daughter, one son still living at home, and one medically complex non-verbal son now dancing in heaven with Jesus.


Author of  "Navigating Grief - A Journey of Hope & Healing"

A 31-Day Devotional with Companion Journal. Available on Amazon


"Kathy Knapp is always easy to listen to and her wisdom is appreciated. She brings a relaxed presentation full of humour, honesty & and openness." 

“To describe Kathy Knapp’s ministry to those who are grieving, I would use the words, heartwarming, genuine, concerned, empathetic. Kathy is willing to be vulnerable in front of others and openly shares her own story of losing a son. Kathy has a heart for ministry and testimony of being transformed by the Holy Spirit. Her bubbly personality is contagious and she can light up a room full of hurting people and help them find things to celebrate even in their grief. Hearing Kathy speak is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.” 

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