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Crazy Little Thing Called.....Guilt!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

How do you explain that strange feeling that happens right after childbirth? You know the one I mean…the “guilt factor”. Once the child leaves the womb the ‘guilt’ thing enters the empty womb and takes hold. Of course I’m only joking, but many mothers have had that feeling.

Life is never the same. Guilt has entered the building! Every action is questioned, every motive is examined, and every decision is scrutinized about being a mother, a parent, a caregiver.

Cloth diapers or disposable. Breast feed or bottle. Co-sleep or not. Organic baby food or canned. Home school or public. Schedules or free-style. Work or stay home.

Decisions, decisions. And opinions…..SO many opinions! All those opinions can lead towards guilt either way you choose.

I was grappling with this ‘guilt’ one day after a particularly poor day with the kids. Our twin boys were both one year old and my daughter was two and a half. We were all sick with colds. We were all cranky and my patience was nil, zip, nada.

Finally, nap time arrived and my little blessings all went down smoothly to sleep.

Peace descended on our home.

I surveyed the messy house and thought of all the things I needed to do. I suddenly stopped the ‘guilt’ thing and realized the best thing I could do for myself and my family would be to take a break without the “guilt” bothering me.

Whether it’s a nap, a hot bath, or curling up with a good book, taking time for myself gives me a ‘sanity break’. I wasn’t that good at taking time for myself yet, but I was learning. Learning to banish the guilt.

I’m still learning to relax and not sweat the small stuff.

“Hey you, Guilt Thing, get back in that closet! What? No room? Well that chore is for another day - I’m going for a nap!”

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