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Seeking Soothing Water

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I love water. The quiet, calm, coolness of a freshwater lake. The vast, rolling ocean waves. The moving, bubbling, caressing stream of a river. Even my bath or shower. Sometimes, when I feel small and overwhelmed by the circumstances of life water calms me, it grounds me.

I had the privilege of living across the road from a beautiful freshwater lake for 27 years. The same lake I could visit as a child where my grandfather had a cottage. What an amazing gift since I could wander over to the lake anytime I needed grounding. I could cry there. I found joy there. I could sit quietly to just think at the water's edge.

Sometimes the water would reflect my mood, with roiling waves and dark water during a storm. Other times, the calm water with swimming ducks, and peaceful clouds would quiet me so I could return to my home, my family, and my life a little more settled than when I headed out the door.

When I was a little girl, or a hormonal teenager, my mother would make sure I was sent to a bath when I was upset, angry, crying, or just ‘out of sorts’ with myself. There is an old saying that “music calms the savage beast” but my mom knew water, not music, calms my savage beast! LOL I would usually emerge as a whole new person! So, when I had children of my own I recognized that a tired, frustrated, upset child could magically turn into a humming, singing, mermaid when placed into a hot bubble bath to lounge, paddle, and splash.

It is no surprise then that I would turn to water when life became unbearable, unmanageable, or I just needed a safe space to be alone. My bath or shower became my refuge when I couldn’t leave the house. A hot shower could wash the salt water tears from my face as I stood under the jet stream and let it soothe me. Sometimes I have conversations with myself in the shower - what did I say that for? Next time I’ll say….. I shouldn’t have said that, done that, OH, the “should’s'” in the shower! Sometimes I have an angry, imaginary conversation with myself while I savagely wash my hair! But it is a safe place. A peaceful place. Often I emerge freshly scrubbed and singing a song. It may be a Barney song but whatever - you get the point!

I have also had the privilege and opportunity to experience different parts of this amazing planet, thanks to the travels of family and friends I was able to visit. Whenever I travel I seek out the water and try to stand in it. My husband thinks I’m nuts! Apparently my mother would also do this! I have stood in the frigid waters of Ireland's North Sea, the icy cold streams of the northern Yukon River and the warm, salty waters of the Caribbean Sea amongst the fish, turtles, and coral that live in the deep.

There is such beauty in his creation. From the tiny coral, small fish, and minute plant life within the water; to the grand waves, huge rocks, and vast horizon as far as the eye can see. Every time I stand at the edge of the vast, rolling sea or below a thundering waterfall I am reminded I am a small part of the universe God created. Yet he knows me and loves me intimately. Psalm 139:14 tells me “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well”. Even the hairs on my head are numbered! Nature’s beauty speaks to the amazing power of God. Yet he knows me….He. Knows. Me. ME! He has a plan for my life, even if I don’t know what it is. He wants the best for me, even if I can’t see it. All things work together for good for those who trust in Him. Even if I can’t see the plan, or know the ending, I have that hope. I have that trust. It soothes me, grounds me, like water - maybe that’s why I like water so much.

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