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I Didn't Cry Today

I miss you

But I didn’t cry today.

My heart felt heavy in my chest today,

But not the crushing weight which restricts my breaths.

My heart doesn’t hurt every day.

You are always in my thoughts,

But sometimes I catch myself laughing,

And worry I will forget.

As time passes,

The pain is not as sharp,

My lashes may be wet,

But tears may not fall,

I breathe without effort,

Despite a heavy sigh.

It seems so long ago.

And I fear.

I fear I will forget.

But not today,

Today I close my eyes and think of you.

Your hugging arms around my neck.

The warm touch of soft blankets as we cuddle in your bed to read.

Your fresh, soapy smell after your bath.

The scent of salty fish crackers, never far from reach.

I miss your crooked smile of a shared joke.

Your bright blue eyes gazing into mine.

The soft curls of your hair around your ears.

I miss your delighted laugh.

Your humming when you are content.

Your shuffling feet around the house,

The little hippy hop when excited.

The house is so quiet without you.

My arms feel empty without your hugs.

My eyes are faint without your bright smile.

I feel an empty void.

I wander around the house without purpose.

Today I will remember.

I still miss you,

But I didn’t cry today.

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