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Writing by the Water

Readers Reviews

Thank you for sharing this beautiful writing with me, I surely need it today.
Some days are hard  in this broken world, and please know your writings bring me peace.


Thank you, Kathleen. I remember how worried I was that I would forget my brother in the beginning. It was my biggest worry. Thank you for writing this. I miss my brother.  Such an amazing gift from God.


Excellent! This is a wonderful and encouraging reminder!  I’m so glad you’re a woman who says yes when God says “Go”. He does not disappoint

A beautiful and encouraging message!

Thank you. 


Amen & Amen!  Not your same circumstances but tears on the bathroom floor (& many other places)! I called those episodes "hopeless helpless" moments. 

Perseverance produces character produces hope but not always the result one hoped for. Yet God is good, All the time.


Hello Kathleen,

Thank you for this blog post. I sure needed to read this. Just yesterday, I cried the ugly cry for about two hours, wondering what I am doing, why do I think I have anything to say…etc. You 

know how it goes. I am feeling better today. Bless you, my friend. This is a wonderful post! Keep 

doing what you are doing!


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