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One Year in Heaven...

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

One year in heaven.

One year of changing seasons.

One year of ‘first’ missed occasions.

One year of missing you.

One year.

You are a soft memory gently swaying in the background of my mind and heart every day.

Sometimes the pain of your loss stabs my heart, catches my breath, utters a sob, and leaks from my eyes when least expected.

One year.

The first Christmas you were not here to tear open the wrapping paper, decorate the tree, or celebrate the season.

One year.

The first Birthday without you. You will forever be 26.

One year.

The first Mother’s Day. I will forever be your mother.

One year.

The first anniversary you were set free into the arms of Jesus.

Watching the sunrise over the lake as we remember you.

One year.

I hope you are laughing, dancing, and singing with the angels, your nana, and Jesus.

You are free - from pain, from disability, from the trapping of humanity.

Fly, baby, fly. And be free.

One year.

We remember you.

Your smile, your hugs, your voice, your laugh.

The lives you touched.

The legacy you left.

We miss you.

We love you.

We remember you.

Until we meet again.

One year in heaven.

In loving memory of Benjamin Raine Knapp - June 12/2021

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